Third Russian Doctor Falls From Hospital Window After Coronavirus Complaint

Three doctors in Russia who raised concerns about the working conditions on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic have fallen out of hospital windows over the last two weeks.

Those of you who have been following FunnyNewsFix know that sometimes we cover news which is not at all funny and far too strange not to mention. This is one of those stories.

A paramedic who complained about being forced to work despite the risk of contracting the coronavirus is in critical condition after reports allege he fell from a hospital window in western Russia over the weekend.

What makes this especially noteworthy is that it’s the third incident in which a Russian healthcare professional has fallen from a hospital building under mysterious circumstances in the last two weeks. The two previous doctors have died from their injuries.

You’d think that some Russian intelligence official’s job is to come up with creative ways to make people disappear, so they don’t all die the same way leading to headlines like this. Unless of course the whole point is to make it blatantly obvious that this will happen to you if you disobey.

According to, “Alexander Shulepov is in critical condition with a skull fracture after falling from the second floor of a rural hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19, the local crisis center told the Vesti Voronezh outlet Saturday.”

Third Russian doctor plunges from window amid coronavirus outbreak
Alexander Shulepov and his colleague

On April 22nd, Shulepov and his colleague filmed themselves complaining that the chief doctor of the Novaya Usman village hospital had forced him to work despite having tested positive for COVID-19.

Then on April 25th, another video in which Shulepov denied his initial “emotional” claims. His colleague Alexander Kosyakin reportedly faces criminal charges for spreading “fake news” about the virus, which carries a prison sentence of up to five years under a recently passed federal law.

Police have reportedly launched an inspection into Shulepov’s fall from the hospital in the Voronezh region 500 kilometers south of Moscow.

The Voronezh region has confirmed 636 coronavirus cases as of Monday, less than 1% of Russia’s 145,268 confirmed cases. At least 41 doctors and patients at the region’s largest hospital have reportedly been infected with Covid-19.

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