Strip Club in San Diego Gives Out Branded Tents To Homeless

A strip club in San Diego sparked controversy after giving out 150 tents branded with their name, “Deja Vu Showgirls”, to local homeless people.

You reading this is a testament to their marketing strategies success. Déjà vu bills itself as the “#1 erotic entertainment chain in the world,” according to their website and operates four locations in San Diego.

Deja Vu’s Las Vegas location

According to a company spokesperson, 150 tents were given out in December as part of the company’s “outreach program” (definitely not a marketing plan). According to them, they’ve been doing this sort of outreach for the last five years in five cities with large homeless populations, including Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

In addition to the tents, they gave out 3,000 bottles of water.

After a photo of the tents went viral on the “Homeless News San Diego” Facebook page, people were torn deciding whether to hail them with praise or criticism. The one camp (pun intended) thinking it’s a form of shameless advertising and the other applauding them for stepping up.

All I have to say is…

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[H/T KGTV San Diego]