Streaker, Sex Worker Lisa Lewis Running To Become Mayor Of New Zealand City

A former streaker is campaigning to become the mayor of the city of Hamilton in New Zealand.

After becoming famous years ago for running of a different kind – which is to say, invading the pitch at a rugby game between New Zealand and Ireland – Lisa Lewis is now running for office, and she claims her days of scantily-clad cross-country are behind her.

It is, in actual fact, the second time that she has tried to become the mayor of the third fast-growing city in New Zealand. However, in 2010 she got nearly 12,000 votes less than the eventual winner Julie Hardaker.

Now, Lewis is ready to run a closer race.

Lewis has enjoyed something of an interesting and varied career to date. She’s been a sex worker, a naked newsreader and a wedding planner.

Hey, that does show that she’s good with current affairs, making people happy and organizing things in detail to tight deadlines.

One of Lewis’s campaign posters. Credit: Lisa Lewis

On Monday, she told The AM Show:

“In 2010 I actually didn’t try. I probably was a little bit – not probably, I was very young and very silly. At 30 years of age I saw myself as being too young to be Mayor. At 38 years of age, I’ve matured a lot and I’ve learnt from life experiences – including some dumb things I’ve done.”

– Lisa Lewis on the AM Show

As mentioned, one such thing she’s done is run onto the pitch at the 2006 rugby game wearing only a bikini.

Lisa Lewis’s pitch invasion in 2006. Credit: Fairfax NZ

She explained: “I definitely wouldn’t do it again, but at the time I’d written a bucket list – and it was on the bucket list. I’m someone that if I’m wanting to do something, I’m very determined and I want to follow that through.”

Yet another good quality for a public official to have, right?

She added: “I’ve been so honest about everything I’ve done in my lifetime, including a career that’s often stigmatised, I feel that people do take me seriously because in the past – and now – when I say I’m going to do something, I follow through with it.”

Despite admitting that she reckons some will turn their nose up at her career history, she argued that her loyalty – spending 20 years in the profession – is also a positive.

Video of Lisa Lewis streaking in a bikini back in 2006 (I know all you perverts were looking for this).

As for her policies, she’s got some ideas to transform the city of Hamilton. Here’s just one such idea.

Lewis offered: “I had an idea about bringing tuk-tuks on bicycles. I think they would be a great idea for climate change.

“And I think the atmosphere in terms of wining and dining, it would assist the place in reducing people drink-driving… Young people, give them a job, job employment. Run it like a business. That’s one concept I had for the city.”

Let’s see how she gets on.

Featured Image Credit: Fairfax NZ