Missouri teens mistakenly snort grandfathers ashes after thinking it’s cocaine

Three teens broke into a Missouri home they’d seen on Facebook marketplace postings after learning that the owner, Debora Matthews, was out of town. The trio of burglars stole nearly $3,000 in cash, jewelry, electronics, and, they thought, a fancy wooden box filled with cocaine.

It turns out that wasn’t the case:

A trio of teenage burglars (…) thought they got away with a stash of cocaine they found in a wooden box, only to later discover that the powder was actually the cremated remains of the homeowner’s father, police report.

So how did 17-year-old Devin Gesell pictured above) and his two underage accomplices mistake the cremated remains for cocaine? Trial and (disgusting) error, apparently:

She says the three thought the ashes stored in a container was cocaine, but after they tasted it, they realized what they had really stolen. However, instead of bring it back, they scattered the ashes all over the highway as they fled.

So after learning that the ashes weren’t cocaine, they discarded the ashes/remains on the side of the road.

She also says she believes the minors are two of her father’s grandchildren.

“I’m very upset because of the minors. I mean [they] were his grandsons,” Matthews said. “They did that to their grandfather. They didn’t even realize it was their grandfather’s ashes.”

I don’t think there is any punishment worse than having to live with the knowledge that they snorted their own grandfathers ashes.

This wasn’t the first time ashes have been mistaken for drugs. In 2011, five Florida teenagers burglarized an Ocala home and took a container filled with what they assumed was cocaine or heroin. It was only after one of them snorted some of the powder that they realized what it was. According to TheSmokingGun.com, the burglary victim told police that the substance was the cremated remains of her father and her dogs.