McDonald’s Japan Announces ‘Adult Cream Pie’ Dessert

Available for a limited time only, McDonald's Japan's 'Adult Cream Pies' have gotten a lot of attention online, but is it for the right reasons?

The phrase “lost in translation” is the most suitable way to explain McDonald’s new food line set to launch in Japan this week.

For a limited time only, the ‘Adult Cream Pies’ has raised some eyebrows ever since the new product line was announced earlier this month.

McDonald’s new range of sweet treats have certainly caught people’s attention. Credit: McDonald’s

If you aren’t familiar with what the much more adult, seedier type of cream pie is and you’re feeling curious (NOT AT WORK)… check out the definition on UrbanDictionary.

From this Wednesday, customers in Japan will be able to get their hands on two types of cream pie.

Setting diners back just ¥150 ($1.35 USD), the first consists of ‘crispy pie dough kneaded with cocoa powder’ and ‘is packed with chocolate cream using Belgian chocolate’.

McDonald’s website describes it as:

“A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance of chocolate sweetness and bitterness.”

The second pie is a little bit saltier and packed with cheese instead of chocolate.

As McDonald’s explains it:

“Crispy puff pastry kneaded with parmesan cheese is packed with sweet cheese cream using cream cheese. A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance between the sweetness and saltiness of cheese cream.”

It’s not yet clear whether or not McDonald’s corporate is aware about the translation and language barrier. Either way, it’s both bold and hilarious.

The limited edition pastry is available in Japan from this week. Credit: McDonald’s

What is for certain however, is that it hasn’t gone over the heads of those who have come across the advert online, with many encouraging the fast-food giant to take a second look at it.

As one Twitter user said:

“Gotta love Japan, where they censor porn and have creative products names like this.”

Another said:

I’m sure this won’t be the last we will hear about McDonald’s new Adult Cream Pies. Don’t worry, we will stay on top of this story.