Dehydrated Koala Flags Down Cyclist And Sips Water From Her Bottle In 100 Degree Heat

An Australian cyclist was amazed after a koala “suffering from severe thirst” from the widespread bushfires approached her and gulped water from her bottle, saying after the experience that she’s never seen anything like it.

Anna Heusler, from South Australia, stumbled across the animal when she and her group were cycling towards Adelaide today.

The koala climbed up onto her bike for water. Credit: Instagram/@bikebug2019

It approached the group, and as she began to feed it water it even clambered up onto her bike to continue to drink.

In a series of posts on her Instagram, one captioned ‘Australian Koala Bears suffering severe thirst in a heatwave’, Heusler explained:

“This Koala walked right up to me as I was descending and climbed up onto my bike while I gave him water. BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME ON A RIDE EVER.”

In another post she added:

“There were about a dozen cyclists around me watching this (all men) and several commented that it was genuinely the best thing they’ve witnessed. What a truly wonderful experience.”

The group carefully escorted the koala back to into the nearby trees.

Luckily, the koala appeared to be healthy, so it likely escaped unharmed from the regions bushfires. Our hearts go out to the other animals effected by the widespread fires, who have lost their habitats, food, and water.

[H/T Instagram/BikeBug2019]