Woman Gives Birth In Toilet Paper Aisle of Springfield Walmart

The Walmart birth was the touch of happiness the store manager said everyone needed.

Amid the empty shelves and store closures, a Springfield (Missouri) Walmart had its own commotion going Wednesday afternoon.

Things got even more chaotic at a Springfield, IL Walmart on Wednesday afternoon after a woman went into labor and had her baby in the toilet paper aisle of the local Walmart.

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Clean up on aisle 12!

One Walmart customer wasn’t able to stock up on any of the groceries she came for, but she did leave with something much more special (and expensive).

While shopping in the toilet paper aisle, a woman’s water broke and she was prepared to go into labor right then and there.

“We were like oh my gosh, is this actually going to happen,” said store manager Jessica Hinkle.

Hinkle told KY3 News that she warned store workers that her last child came in just 30 minutes.

“We were like what do we do now?” she said. “Another lady comes around the corner and she says ‘I’m a labor nurse, can I help?’ and we said yes, yes please. She had gloves in her pocket [and] she was ready.”

Hinkle said she grabbed a sheet and blocked the aisle to give the woman as much privacy as possible.

“Crowd control, [I’m] not like the best with blood so that was my job, holding the sheet and crowd control making sure that nobody invaded what privacy the poor lady still had,” Hinkle said.

Springfield firefighters rushed into the store and helped deliver the baby girl.

“They’re the typical fire department that shops in our store, so they were pretty proud of themselves,” Hinkle said.

She said the entire process took about 45 minutes and customers were cheering for the woman the whole time.

“They took her out on the gurney, there were customers of course gathered [and] she kind of raised her hand, everyone clapped for her,” Hinkle said.

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The Walmart birth was the touch of happiness Hinkle said everyone needed.

“You know a feel good moment, everybody’s going through so much and with a baby it’s like everything comes full circle,” she said.

Hinkle said she did touch base with the woman Thursday. She said both mom and baby are doing well.

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