Wealthy New Yorkers Are Paying Limo Drivers To Deliver Mail To Hamptons

This takes first-class mail to an all new level.

During the pandemic, a Manhattan limousine company has pivoted to delivering their elite clientele’s mail and packages from their penthouses in Manhattan to their Hampton beach houses where they’ve all flocked to.

“I had to be innovative,” Mark Vigliante, the president of M&V Limousine Limited, told Vice. “There wasn’t a choice. This was it. I had to work. Plus, you can only have so much family time, you know?”

Vigilante founded Hampton Luxury Liner, an upscale bus service which normally ferries people between Manhattan and Long Island, but is now making “hundreds of dollars” picking up his customers mail at their Upper East Side and Upper West Side apartments and delivering it to their homes in the Hamptons.

In his interview with Vice he explained that the pop-up pandemic delivery service, Tony Express, now makes up to 30% of Hampton Luxury Liner’s business which has allowed him to keep as many as 15% of his drivers employed–despite the layoffs hitting the travel and hospitality industry especially hard.

“It’s a lot of mail and a lot of packages. It’s a lot of groceries, too, and luggage,” Vigliante said. “Some of it’s more odd. One dude had us transport a bicycle.”

In a time when not even Amazon can offer same day delivery, his wealthy clients are turning to his fleet of limousines and Cadillacs which are able to fulfill deliveries the same day. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, his drivers are wearing gloves and the cars are sanitized reguarly.

“To be honest with you, if it keeps going well, we’ll probably keep doing it after things get better,” he added.

His wealthy clientele may not realize that the USPS offers mail forwarding service… and it only costs $1.05. For just a little over a dollar you can have all your mail redirected to a new or temporary address.