NYU Tisch Dean Replies With Dance Video To Students Tuition Demands

🎶That's her in the spotlight, losing her job 🎶

The Dean at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts turned heads this week after responding to students demands for a tuition refund with an interpretive dance video.

The students are demanding a tuition refund, explaining that virtual classes aren’t what they paid for. The schools response came from Dean Allyson Green who turned to her “most authentic mode of expression”–interpretive dance–to tell the students she didn’t have the authority to reimburse students according to NBC New York.

The video came in an email response to students and features her dancing to REM’s “Losing My Religion,” with the the explanation that she doesn’t have the authority to refund tuition.

NYU dean sends dancing video to students seeking tuition back
“That’s her in the spotlight, losing her job” 🎶 (Set to the tune of “Losing My Religion”)

The tone-deaf dance video has since gone viral on Twitter after NYU Tisch senior Michael Prince, shared it on Twitter.

“I am personally upset that we are being denied access to this equipment and facilities and still being charged the same amount for what is admittedly by the university a lower quality education,” Price said.

One year’s tuition at NYU Tisch costs roughly $58,550 for tuition alone, and after factoring in the fees for room and board it’s upwards of $80,000.

In a response to NBC New York, Dean Green explained that:

“The focus of my career as a performer, choerographer, and dance educator, and my most authentic mode of expression, has always been dance. In the video, I shared the song with which I have welcomed first-year students to the Tisch School of the Arts for the past eight years. It is a piece that — as I explained in the accompanying email — speaks to frustration and disappointment, and that helped see me through the loss of 30 friends to AIDS — another difficult period for artists.

What I meant to demonstrate is my certainty that even with the unprecedented hardships of social distancing and remotely-held classes, it is still possible for the Tisch community to make art together, and that all the artists in our school will find ways to remain closely connected even as circumstances challenge us. I regret it if my email left the reasons for my dancing misunderstood — although I will note that I have also received many positive acknowledgments — but its intent was surely neither frivolous or disrespectful.”

In case you didn’t notice, the dean of an art school spelled choreographer wrong.

Students have collected over 2,200 signatures requesting a partial reimbursement of their tuition and received the backing of well known alumni, including actress and television writer Rachel Bloom who shared her support in a Tweet:

Another alumnus, Anna Drezen, who writes for Saturday Night Live shared her outrage:

$80k a year in exchange for the promise of a career in pretending. I couldn’t have said it better myself.