Man discovers his girlfriend buried his stockpile of beans in the woods in case coronavirus ‘gets bad’

While beans are good for your heart, they’re not always good for relationships.

A couple who originally got in a fight over beans and went viral on social media as a result was back in the news again, this time it was over whether they should eat their 30 cans of beans right away or bury them in the woods so they could dig them out “if things get bad.”

The story was posted to Twitter, although it reportedly originally appeared on Reddit. While the original post apparently was deleted, a Twitter account dedicated to the “relationships” subreddit shared the original text.

According to the post, the unnamed author bought 30 cans of beans and 15 cans of chickpeas in preparation for the coronavirus lockdown. According to the story, one night he opened the cabinet to make some chili and found the beans gone.

“I asked my girlfriend,” he wrote, “and she told me she buried all of the beans in the woods.”

After realizing that she wasn’t joking, the author said his girlfriend explained that she wanted to save the beans for “if things get bad.” When the boyfriend accused her of being “ridiculous,” she reportedly responded that she was “protecting our beans.”

According to the story, the girlfriend buried the beans because “canned food was most valuable for long-terms means.” The author claimed she said she planned on burying more beans in the woods.

Apparently, the argument escalated (with the girlfriend apparently declaring that she will never “jeopardize the beans”) and the couple stopped speaking to each other. Their story has received over 23 thousand responses.

On Twitter, users seemed generally amused by the details of the story. One response read, “No strong relationship can ever be formed if you hide beans from each other.”

Another user explained, “I will never jeopardize the beans’ has broken me, I need a drink.”

Of course, not everyone was amused. One user, who apparently struggled to obtain food, wrote, “As someone who is a vegetarian I am very angry at people like this for making it impossible to cook dinner for myself. I can’t find beans right now because preppers are hoarding them. I’m so glad all the beans are buried in the woods instead of part of my usual nightly meals.”

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