Four Underage Men Accused of Drinking While Operating Horse and Buggy

We can all rest a bit easier today after Michigan police helped clean up the streets.

Four Michigan men between the ages of 19 and 20 are facing charges after police allegedly caught them operating a horse and buggy with open cans of beer in what could be the slowest moving DUI ever according to WNDU.

The Gladwin County police allegedly spotted them operating a horse and buggy with open containers of alcohol after responding to reports that the men were intoxicated and tossing beer cans from the buggy in the Beaverton Township around 10PM on Sunday.

After Sheriff deputies located the buggy, another motorist positively ID’ed them. When the police asked for their names and ages, they allegedly provided false information.

The Gladwin County Sheriff’s Office says these four underage men were operating a horse and buggy while intoxicated.

Investigators later identified them as 20-year-old Levei J. Mast, 19-year-old Andrew B. Zook, 20-year-old Joseph S. Miller and 19-year-old Joseph J. Troyer.

According to police all four suspects were intoxicated and had several opened and unopened containers of alcohol in the buggy.

All four men have been charged with felony obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct, and received civil infractions for minors in possession of alcohol. They’re being held at the Gladwin County Jail on a cash surety bond of $3,500.