Employee Who Got $6 BBQ Sauce as Holiday Gift Claims He Was Fired For Angry Tweet

A Canadian man did something very un-Canadian over the holidays when he took to Twitter to express his displeasure after receiving a $6 bottle of barbecue sauce as a holiday gift.

Hussein Mehaidli, age 27, worked as a general manager at Fastenal, a wholesaler of construction materials. When he first joined the company in 2013, he claims the company gave out a box of assorted snacks and junk food for the holidays.

“You’d get cookies, M&Ms, beef jerky — a box filled with junk food. We always really appreciated that,” Mehaidli told CTVNews.ca in a phone interview from his home in Burnaby, B.C.

So when he received the BBQ sauce this year, he felt like it was a slap in the face from his employer.

He took his frustrations to Twitter where he posted a Tweet from an anonymous account which he uses to follow the news and sports. Apparently it wasn’t as anonymous as he thought.

The Tweet that a Canadian man claims got him fired. Source: CTVnews

“What kind of multi billion dollar company gifts it’s (sic) Canadian employees barbecue sauce as a holiday gift? Yet the USA employees stuff their face with an actual holiday gift box!” he tweeted, tagging the company’s Canadian and American handles.

He also took issue with a letter from the company’s CEO that came with the sauce, which encouraged employees to “share something from the holiday gift box.”

To that he exclaimed:

“SHARE WHAT ?? !! MY BARBECUE SAUCE ?? To every Canadian Fastenal employee I am sorry we all had to go through this.”

The same day as his angry tweets were posted he received a call from his manager who had managed to connect the “anonymous” account with Mehaidli.

“He called me by my Twitter name,” Mehaidli explained.

He said the manager told him he needed to delete the tweet, but he already had. After sending the tweet, Mehaidli realized that he’d previously tweeted a photo of him buying tickets for a WWE event in Vancouver. The image shows his workplace computer and parts of his workplace in the background.

Ten days later, on the night before New Year’s Eve, Mehaidli said his manager called him in for another meeting. He said he was fired on the spot.

“My district manager said I fought for you, the regional VP fought for you, but corporate in the U.S. wants you out.”

An “exit interview” letter sent to Mehaidli on the day of his termination confirms that he was terminated for “violation of standards of conduct policy – acceptable conduct section.”

Fastenal Canada did not reply to CTVNews.ca’s requests for comment by the time of publication.

Getting fired from his job just two days before the new year was a particularly difficult way to start 2020, Mehaidli said.

“Christmas just came by. There are bills to be paid, my visa bill. Money is an issue,” he said. “I’m a very heavy believer in God and everything happens for a reason, but I believe I was done very, very dirty.”

So what’s the lesson from all of this? Don’t bash your company on Twitter, even if you think you’re doing it from the safety of an “anonymous” and/or unrelated account.

Don’t be like Mehaidli. Don’t be an asshole. Be grateful.

[H/T CTVNews]