Car Salesman Farted In Coworker’s Office, Pinched His Nipples to ‘Reinforce Dominance’ alleges lawsuit

A Texas car salesman has sued his previous boss and employer for weaponized farts and sexual harassment used to assert dominance.

A car salesman in Galveston County, is suing his former co-worker and employer for creating what he alleges was a “sexually hostile” work environment with the stereotypical salesbro behavior.

According to the lawsuit filed by Brett Bland against his former boss Jeremy Pratt and employer CT Motors Inc., created a “sexually hostile environment” with behavior that included:

“constant taunting… non-consensual acts of pinching and touching his male subordinates nipples,” and then further asserting dominance by, “entering their enclosed offices, intentionally passing gas, and then laughing as they were forced to breathe soiled air.”

It wasn’t until his former boss spread a flyer around the car dealership insinuating that Bland was a sex offender, which he is not, that his old boss was fired.

Bland alleges that following his bosses termination he faced immediate retaliation from the dealership, which said he had to sell at least eight vehicles per month or he’d be fired.

Even after his termination, “management continues to allow Pratt to loiter at the dealership” where he continued to harass Bland and other former subordinates.

The lawsuit does not state a dollar figure which Bland is seeking, but lists damages and court costs as relief according to local news source, KPRC Click2Houston.

AutoNation replied to KPRC with a statement saying:

“This is a pending legal matter on which we have no comment, other than to say that we previously investigated the matter several months ago and took appropriate action.”