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After watching this video, you will agree that these three guys are the worst car thieves on the planet. Their brilliant idea to hijack cars that are on the highway forgets to take into account the rate of speed which the vehicles are already going at… and how enticing the thought of hitting one of those jackasses head-on is.

Three Dumb Car Thieves Try Hijacking Cars On The Highway – Justice Is Served

They knew that cars would be travelling quickly, so they put up signs “Carjackers ahead. Please slow down”. This may have worked against them.

Totally off topic, but I just remembered something interesting. Pickpockets sometimes put up signs warning people people in the area to beware of pickpockets. Men instinctively check their pockets to make sure their wallet is there, showing them exactly which pocket to steal from.

Is the driver of the car okay?

For any of you wondering if the driver who they tried to carjack is okay, I think it’s safe to assume he is. Let’s do the math on this one… a 4000 lb SUV in which the driver is sitting, with 50mph of forward momentum vs 160 lb man standing still. I think he’s gonna be fine.

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