Woman ‘Mortified’ After Buying Man She Assumed Was Homeless McDonald’s Dinner

Claire Varin, age 33, made the blunder of a lifetime after she purchased a McDonald’s breakfast for a man she assumed to be homeless… only to learn he was just a regular customer waiting for his food.

“I felt really sorry for him. It was a very cold morning and I thought how can I sit here with this meal and leave him sat there with just ketchup? He must have been sat there for a good 10 minutes so I assumed he hadn’t ordered and had just come in from the cold.”

She left the fine dining establishment feeling “mortified,” and vowed to skip McDonald’s for breakfast from now on out of shame.

After seeing a man eating tomato ketchup plain, she assumed he was homeless … only to find out that he was just a regular joe waiting for his McDonald’s order.

Claire Varin must not believe in the power of “Pay It Forward”, so she was outraged after paying for a man’s meal. She described him as an “unshaven man with a rucksack, sitting at a table eating ketchup from the sauce dispenser.”

Ms. Varin told the Daily Mail: “I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment.” She went on to say:As the thrifty woman placed the food tray in front of the man, McDonald’s staff brought over another meal and apologised to the man for the wait.

“To be honest, my imagination ran away with me. ‘Had this poor man been out on the streets all night? Was this the only food he would eat all day?’

“Maybe he had no money and was starving. I thought only desperation could lead someone to eat ketchup.

The outcome of this situation probably saved her from getting diabetes:

“I really enjoy a McDonald’s breakfast now and again, but I think I’ll have to give that store a miss in the mornings in case I see that man again.”

Moral of the story? I have no f*cking clue.

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