Watch as three adorable Grandma's who have all never smoked weed try it for their first time, then engage in grandma-like activities.
Although anyone who has ever tried marijuana knows this, there are some square, stubborn idiots who refuse to allow change, even if it's for the better.
Harry Potter books were meant for 10 year olds, or in this case college students with no shame or sexual conquests to speak of. They are like Virgin Airlines as they run around with broomsticks between their legs... except...
Apparently, porn stars call it a "pee-pee" too. That's just one takeaway from a video showing regular people watch adult videos with the stars performing in them. The result is some delightfully awkward conversation and comments from the non-porn stars, notably: "How...
How it went from "Fox & Friends Chang A Tire" to "Fox & Friends Changing A Tire and stepping on your own genitals"? The hosts of the Fox morning show that’s named like it should heavily involve puppets, Fox & Friends,...



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