A woman can thank a hardworking custodian and Windex for bringing a stop to a handbag thieves hurried getaway into a glass window of a sliding door.
Watch what happens when an enraged biker uses his helmet to smash a mans car in a fit of rage, causing the man to pop his trunk and retrieve something...
After a crane operator catches his wife sleeping with another man, he uses that man's boat as a wrecking ball to smash his cheating wife's car. Owned.
A rich girl mouths off to the judge when asked how jewelry she owns, then is rude again when dismissed. She ends up paying big time for her attitude!
Two thugs with a getaway driver descended on the co-worker of an MMA fighter with 10 years of training, only to get the beating of a lifetime. The trained fighter stops robber from ever making it back to the getaway car.
The look on this boy's face after hitting 8G's of force while riding in a fighter jet. Losing consciousness is a lot better than losing your lunch.
Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith who was justly killed by Milwaukee police, calls for
Hiroki Ogita is the first man to ever wish for an even smaller sized penis after it caused him a spot in the men's Pole Vaulting finals of the Rio Olympics.
When workers at the Bremanger Quarry in Norway needed to produce 360,205 tons of rock, they ended up creating the biggest blast in Norwegian history.
Your adrenaline will be pumping once you watch the Five Most Terrifying GoPro Videos which have ever been captured on film.
Warning: This lady likes to curse. You’ve been warned. We aren’t given much context here, but this Subaru WRX owner and random lady wearing orange must’ve been in some kind of dispute because she seems to be kind of upset. When we...
A drunk driver decided that he wasn't already enough of a threat to those on the road. Watch as he tries to beat up a motorcyclist wearing body armor.
Big Brother UK contestant Lateysha Grace denim dress splits open as she twerks on live TV after Big Brother elimination. During a post-eviction interview with Rylan Clark-Neal, the single mother was asked to demonstrate how to twerk. Unfortunately the zip on...

Tuna Vs Seagull

The usual diet for a tuna fish is usually small fish. Perhaps that occasional crab and sometimes they might even treat themselves to a puffer fish. But seagulls aren’t really part of a balanced diet and they’re not usually on the...
After showing up at the courthouse to contest a minor traffic citation, this 21-year-old idiot thought he was above the law. Luckily, he was jolted back to reality.



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