People attending a candlelight vigil in France to remember those killed and injured during the terror attacks by Daesh Terror Group. France24 is reporting that it was a false alarm and could have been caused by someone lighting firecrackers. A...
Three aspiring criminals try their hand at stealing cars but quickly learn that the highway isn't the best place to start after a driver refuses to stop.
A very masculine lesbian was removed from the women's restroom by police following the passing of Bathroom Laws in NC which have the LGBT community furious.
A truck driver, a Huo Master (a type of Kung Fu), took to vigilante justice after seeing his phone get stolen by a man who took off on a scooter.
This video footage captures a police officer macing motorcyclists as they pass by him while he has a truck pulled over in what would otherwise be a routine traffic stop. I am not sure if this cop was trying to...
Pornhub has released the first ever porn for the visually impaired, dubbed "Described Video". Professional voice actors narrate and describe the details in vivid detail.
The parents of 13-year old Caitlin Teagart have decided to end her life, saying she can now do nothing but lay on the couch and whine about things being "gay."
After stealing a school bus in Emery County last year and using it to try to pick up children, Patrick James Fredericksen, aged 31, is riding a bus back to prison. He entered a no contest plea on Wednesday to attempted...
Cheri Hancock hadn't seen her son, Kyle, in over four years because he serves in the military. Upon returning home from work one day, Hancock got the shock of a lifetime.
Watch this amazing nature moment when a giant wild rhino begins ramming into a truck during a safari ride through the African tundra. Ever thought you'd see an enraged rhino try to keep the safari goers from destroying his habitat?...
This video features a guy fishing from his kayak in Cape Coral begins reeling in either a monster or a giant fish. He ends up with a catch that could feed thousands of kids in Africa, or 1 American... all while aboard a tipsy kayak.
This adorable and funny video features a dog house, which can easily be confused for a clown car, has officially reached it's max capacity.
A woman can thank a hardworking custodian and Windex for bringing a stop to a handbag thieves hurried getaway into a glass window of a sliding door.
The look on this boy's face after hitting 8G's of force while riding in a fighter jet. Losing consciousness is a lot better than losing your lunch.



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