A Santa Monica woman becomes 'triggered' after seeing a man with his arm around his girlfriend and proceeds to have one of the best public freakouts ever.
You will either laugh hard or be stunned by this video of an obese woman being towed behind a truck with a tow rope in Kansas City because she's "too big".
A truck driver, a Huo Master (a type of Kung Fu), took to vigilante justice after seeing his phone get stolen by a man who took off on a scooter.
See why a crazed man immediately regrets spitting on a bus driver after being assaulted and teaches him a lesson in front of all the passengers.
Watch what happens to an impatient BMW driver as captured on the dashcam of another driver. Justice served!
You are about to witness the most embarrassing, awkward, and hilarious first date in the history of reality television. This guy is either super awkward or just plain awkward.
During a hockey brawl, a referee makes the mistake of punching a player and he gets laid out by the trainer of all people.
After a female teacher gets punched by a student and the unexpected happens, and another student comes to her rescue.
Some people are just too damn stupid to know what should be kept private and what should be openly discussed with the entire world. After these two lovebirds get married and then subsequently divorced within a period of six years,...
If you like hamburgers, maybe don't watch this video. Majority of humans have had meat, but have you really thought what they're made of and how they're made? Check out more videos here ! http://funnynewsfix.com/video/
Being President is a tough job. It’s one of the only jobs where you get a new approval rating every day. Now that we have this thing called social media, the President gets hundreds of judgments every hour of every...
Making this more awkward is that it happened on TLC's 'Love At First Kiss'. This woman got the most cringe worthy, awkward kiss. I need an anxiety pill...
Watch what happens when a car takes off too soon and doesn't value patience. See why patience can really pay off.
Astonishing footage captures a ship hitting rough seas, causing the straps to snap unleashing all the cargo into the ocean.
A very desperate woman attempting to hit on a police officer by eating his french fries ended up getting herself arrested for second degree theft.



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