Thief Swallows Gold Chain While Fleeing Police, X-Ray Reveals It

X-Ray of A Thief Who Swallowed A Gold Chain When Trying To Evade Police
This dumb criminal swallowed a gold chain when attempting to evade the police. An X-Ray confirmed it's location and a steady diet of banana's brought it back out to it's rightful owner.

A dumb criminal in Mumbai tried to evade the police by swallowing the gold chain which he had stolen from a woman in front of plenty of bystanders.

The officers force-fed the criminal four dozen banana’s until the evidence came right out of him. The first time criminal, age 25, learned his lesson in the most painful and shameful way possible.

After Gopi Ghaware grabbed a 25 gms gold chain valued at roughly $1,500 from a woman, who screamed in fear that her bling was never to be seen again. However, those who witnessed the theft chased the suspect down and beat the living hell out of him until the police arrived.

Once Ghaware was taken into custody, the police took him to a hospital where an x-ray revealed that the golden necklace was indeed in his stomach, providing more than enough evidence to convict the man.

The woman hadn’t filed a formal complaint with the police yet, so they force fed the man three dozen banana’s until the chain came out the old fashion way. They then interrogated Ghaware who confessed to swallowing the gold chain.

He was filmed being escorted to the toilet by four policemen, who also filmed the chain slithering it’s way out of his bowels – along with all his dignity.

After placing the dumb petty thief under arrest, they washed the gold chain with phenyl and sent him before a judge.

Police Going Banana’s To Retrieve Stolen Items

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that police have gone banana’s and other laxatives to retrieve stolen items.

In April of 2015, a thief by the name of Anil Yadav was force-fed five dozen bananas and liquids in an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve a gold chain worth roughly, which due to the large pendant on it was caught in the mans windpipe.

Yadav did eventually excrete the gold chain, but it took three painful days. The disgusted victim refused to accept the chain back and rather took it to a jeweler in a plastic bag and purchased a new chain.

In July, a thief was able to successfully relieve himself of a ‘mangalsutra’ worth roughly $450 after consuming two dozen bananas, laxatives, and several gallons of milk. Maybe it was his Irritable Bowel Syndrome that helped him out?

Thieves will likely think twice before they try swallowing the evidence after hearing stories like this one.

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