Tennessee Rep. Giving Away Same Weapon Used In Orlando Shooting At Fundraiser

Andy Holt plans to give away two AR-15 rifles as door prizes at a fundraiser, the same weapon used in the Orlando Massacre on Sunday

After the deadly shooting at the gay nightclub in Orlando, Rep. plans to give away the same type of that was used in the massacre.

He didn’t wait more than a day before announcing he would be giving away two semi-automatic assault rifles as door prizes at his fundraiser.

Andy Holt Giving AR-15 Rifles As Door Prize: Opportunism At Its Worst

Could this be opportunism at its worst form? Does he plan to use the press coverage of this outrageous and offensive stunt to gain popularity among National Rifle Association () members?

Tennessee State Representative, Andy Holt, is offering to offer AR-15 rifles as the door prize at a fundraiser being held.

Andy Holt Firing An AK-47 Assault Rifle
Tennessee lawman, Andy Holt, is pictured shooting an automatic (and in most states illegal) AK-47 assault rifle.

Holt, a “simple” Republican in the Dresden district that is notorious for spouting out whatever is on his mind, no matter how stupid it is, quite similar to republican presidential nominee .

The day after the deadliest shooting in American history, Holt showed no compassion or empathy.

For the upcoming scheduled fundraiser, the West Tennessee lawmaker plans to give away two AR-15 rifles to the first to enter the doors… the same weapon used in Sunday’s shooting.

“We should not focus on the gun itself,” said Holt in a phone conversation. “We should focus on the depravity of the heart of the person who’s pulling the trigger.”

Omar Mateen, who allegedly pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, carried out an attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning.

Investigators said he used a pistol as well as an assault-style rifle to kill 49 people and wound 53 others.

Holt said his door prize will encourage people to protect themselves.

When asked if he thought giving away an assault-style rifle might be offensive, Holt said, “It’s not intended to come across as offensive, it’s intended to help people.”

The AR-15 has emerged as the weapon of choice in recent mass shootings such as San Bernandino, CA, Aurora, CO, and Newtown, CT. It has the ability to fire several rounds in a short time frame.

Holt said any weapon is dangerous in the hands of a deranged criminal.

“You can inflict a lot of damage,” said Holt when asked if a person with a handgun would be able to kill so many. “A Molotov cocktail would have done the same thing.”

Other lawmakers clearly disagree.

On Twitter, Congressman Steve Cohen, D-TN, called on House Speaker Paul Ryan on Sunday to introduce legislation that would ban all assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

In a statement issued, Steve Cohen said:

“Outside of our military, no one in this county needs an assault rifle to defend themselves or their homes.They are often used in these mass shootings. Also as Congress continues the appropriations process, we must allocate more federal funding for mental health treatments and centers.”

Holt wrote off the comment as political opportunism. Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

“I’d say that Steve Cohen is absolutely and emphatically wrong in his pursuit of trying to ban lawful weapons,” said Holt.

Holt blamed the media for the repeated use of the AR-15 in mass shootings.

“Why do we see the repeated use of the AR-15? Well because it’s interviews like this,” Holt told Channel 4. “It’s because of the media’s absolute infatuation with the AR-15.”

Channel 4 initially asked Holt if he planned to still give away the AR-15 in light of the . The lawmaker said yes, then added he wanted to give away a second AR-15, as well.

Hours later, Holt took to Twitter, saying he actually made the decision “in light of media/liberal attacks on a previously scheduled fundraiser giveaway.”

Holt’s fundraising event is a hog fest and turkey shoot.

In the online announcement, Holt also cracked a joke about the transgender community.

He said President Barack Obama has no control over the event and the women’s division for the shoot is only open to biological females.

Holt later said he and a staffer received threats. Well gee, I wonder why.

The reaction on Twitter over the AR-15 giveaway seems to be unanimous:

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