Two women who together beat a child to death go completely insane in the courtroom after they learn that they've been sentenced to life in prison.
After an awful driver in a Honda Civic refuses to let a motorcyclist merge into traffic, justice manages to find her and it feels great.
A man was preparing to smash the window of a police patrol car but was stopped cold in his tracks by the tasers of justice.
These people all made the bad decision of fighting the law, and in every case the law won by body slamming the criminals to the ground.
You'll get a justice boner just watching this plainclothes cop stop a group of black guys from robbing tourists at gunpoint.
Surveillance cameras capture the amazing footage of employees and customers fighting off a would-be robber at a Marathon Gas Station in Toledo, Ohio.
Watch this handbag thief try to make a speedy getaway, only to be stopped cold by a sliding glass door. We thank you Windex for clean windows.
Three aspiring criminals try their hand at stealing cars but quickly learn that the highway isn't the best place to start after a driver refuses to stop.
A robber armed with a knife tries to steal from a bus driver, but another man rushes in to help. Both of them deserve a medal for fighting an armed and dangerous man like this, kicking him off the bus and driving away.



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