Study Finds Atheists Are Doomed To Die Off Because of Contraception Beliefs

Religious people are churning out more babies than their atheist counterparts...

Study Finds Atheists Are At Risk of Dying Off

A new study found that atheists are at risk of extinction because of those that practice religion are having children more children.

Because the lack of belief in contraception which is forbidden by many religions, those who do practice a religion are having more children than atheists, which could result in the end of atheism, the study suggests.

However, the result of this study is contradictory to the more popular scientific predictions, which predict that because increasingly fewer people are religious there will become a balance. Atheism is a great answer to overpopulation, in that case.

The new research which was collected by scientists in the United States and Malaysia by surveying over 4,000 students, inquired about their religious beliefs and the number of siblings they have.

Contrary to other predictions, this study found that religion is not at any risk of dying out and that the reverse is actually occurring. Apparently, the religious are the silent majority and will remain so.

The study revealed that Malaysian atheists had 1.5 fewer siblings than the religious students surveyed.

In the United States the students surveyed who had no religious affiliation had 0.16 fewer siblings than average while non-religious couples and 3.04 children, whereas the average across the population is 3.2.

“It is ironical that effective birth control methods were developed primarily by secularists, and that these methods are serving to slowly diminish the proportional representation of secularists in forthcoming generations,” the researchers said.

However the argument could be raised that just because someone’s parents are religious doesn’t mean that they will grow up to share their beliefs, as additional studies have shown that religion does not seem to be heritable.

Nature and nurture also play a role since obviously how you’re raised has a significant influence on your worldview, but it turns out there’s a genetic base too.

Those who have a higher capacity to believe in god have certain genes.

The researchers of the study explain that prior to the 19th century, there was likely little difference in reproduction rates regardless of whether you had the genes or not.

Things changed during the mid-19th century when scientific discoveries brought more understanding to human reproduction, and as a result fertility rates began to be impacted, especially in the countries going through an industrial revolution.

As the discovery of evolution was made, the very genes that make someone more likely to be religious “gained a reproductive advantage – and were better able to spread through the population,” as reported by The Times.

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In conclusion, atheists you better start pumping out more babies…

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