Sherelle Smith Calls For Violence To Be Taken To The Suburbs

Both online and on television, CNN edited out Sherelle Smith, the sister of a black man who was killed by police in Milwaukee on Saturday, calling for rioters to take their violence “to the suburbs.”

Correspondent Ana Cabrera reported Sherelle Smith was “calling for peace” in a televised segment Monday on CNN Newsroom, NewsBusters reported.

The network showed a brief clip of Sherelle Smith telling protesters: “Don’t bring the violence here and the ignorance here.”

But CNN cut away before Sherelle Smith called for rioters to “take that shit to the suburbs.”

“Stop burning down shit we need in our community,” Sherelle Smith said in her extended remarks, the ones which CNN chose to edit out to go along with there narrative that it’s the police who have a problem, not black culture as a whole. “Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn they shit down. We need our shit. We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it.”

Since then, #weneedourweaves has been trending on Twitter and it has hopefully illuminated to the public just how dumb and uneducated these “victims” are. They aren’t calling for peace, rather creating a rallying cry to go attack their white neighbors who have done nothing wrong to them.

CNN has been spewing out excuses for journalism on how hard it is to be black in Milwaukee, but there is an abundance of jobs, and employers receive government kickbacks for hiring a black person over a white person, just like colleges will accept a black student with a 2.2 GPA on their high school transcripts over a white student with a 3.9 GPA… and provide that student with a full scholarship.

Black people are given every opportunity to succeed and excel, but they run from anything which entails responsibility and hard work. No matter how many jobs are created in Milwaukee, as long as the government continues to pay the poor to have children, we are going to see this. Social security needs to be rolled back. We are seeing not just parents, but grandparents in their 20’s and 30’s in these communities. When will liberals stop for a moment and realize the handouts aren’t doing any good?

Sherelle Smith Urges Black Community To Bring “That” Violence To The Suburbs

While standing in the area where her brother was shot, Sherelle Smith called for members of the black community to stop setting businesses on fire which are in their neighborhoods and move it to the suburbs.

Lets be honest for just one moment with ourselves. When she says this, she isn’t saying to bring the violence, looting, and mayhem to just any other spot in the city. She is telling the angry and uneducated black population of Milwaukee to take the violence to the white suburbs where people have worked hard to avoid being caught in this chaos.

What CNN Reported Sherelle Smith Said:

“Smith’s sister, Sherelle Smith, condemned violence carried out in her brothers name, saying the community needs those businesses.”

When Sherelle Smith Actually Said:

“Burning down shit ain’t gonna help nothing. Y’all burning down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburBS. Burn that shit down. We need our shit. We need our weave. I don’t wear it, but we need it.”

Sherelle Smith was speaking in front of the media about her brother, Sylville Smith, who had a lengthy criminal record and was killed after he pointed a semi-automatic weapon at a black member of the Milwaukee Police Department. Smith died from the two shots which were fired at him.

Sylville Smith and Milwaukee’s Violent Black Community

The black, 24-year-old Milwaukee patrolman who joined the force in 2010 and has never had a complaint issued against him that killed Sylville Smith, AKA “Trill Ville”, is currently in an unnamed located after being the target of death threats.

After the police shot Sylville Smith and put an end to an ever-growing criminal record, violence and rioting erupted in the city. Before the black community even had the facts about what had happened, they were looting local area businesses, setting them on fire, attacking police officers, and one 17-year-old female was shot during the mayhem. Police had to use an armored vehicle to rescue her, and after safely removing the injured woman and rushing her to the hospital, it was found that the armored vehicle had sustained multiple shots.

When Sherelle Smith says, “We need our shit. We need our weave. I don’t wear it, but we need it.” She is referring to which included looting of area businesses, burning down buildings (as many saw the BP Gas Station which took the Milwaukee Fire Department hours to put out), shooting at police officers, and the targeted attacking of white people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sylville Smith: The Criminals Last Moments

Syville Smith, the thug who was killed in Milwaukee after refusing to put down his semi-automatic AR-15 weapon
Syville Smith, who was shot by a Milwaukee Police Department officer after refusing to put his stolen, semi-automatic weapon, an AR-15.

Pictures of the police officer which the Milwaukee Police Department has refused to name for his protection have been shared on social media 3,000 times, calling for members of the black community to seek vengeance on him.

At around 3:30pm on Saturday in Sherman Park, police attempted to pull over a suspicious vehicle which has not yet been determined whether it was stolen or not, but was a rental car. Sylville Smith tried to run from the police but found himself cornered in a fenced in yard.

When the Milwaukee Police Officer asked Sylville Smith to put down his weapon, he instead turned it on the officer who had no choice but to fire two rounds.

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