Alex Jones, founder of, is in divorce court and his estranged ex-wife claims he is not fit to be a parent due to mental instability.
President Donald Trump allegedly handed Germany's Prime Minister Angela Merkel an invoice for £300 billion based on what Nato nations agreed to contribute to defense spending.
Thousands gathered to stare at a fat baby stuck in a doggy door just to distract themselves from thinking about the Donald Trump presidency.
In Maine, 9,000 so-called able-bodied people who are too poor to feed themselves couldn’t handle that the minimal work requirements can’t regain assistance for three years.
As the results of the U.S. presidential election pour in, Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website crashed as visitors attempted to load it.
It isn't clear whether the call originated with people at the North Dakota protest or if it's a hoax — but people are using it as a way of expressing solidarity all the same.
Being President is a tough job. It’s one of the only jobs where you get a new approval rating every day. Now that we have this thing called social media, the President gets hundreds of judgments every hour of every...
Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith who was justly killed by Milwaukee police, calls for
A notorious Russian politician, Yelena Mizulina, is trying to decriminalize domestic abuse, including violent cases by making it only a misdemeanor. She is the same politician who wrote the highly controversial anti-gay laws in Russia which have drawn criticism from around the world.
The design which was created for the Trump/Pence campaign has already spiraled into countless memes, along with the Trump campaign removing any trail of it's design from their official website last evening.
Donald Trump made the accusation that there is “something going on” between President Obama and terrorist organizations like the Taliban, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda after the Orlando shooting, causing an uproar and his popularity to sink to an all-time low.
After the massacre at an Orlando nightclub by Omar Mateen, Andy Holt (R-TN) plans to give away the same type of AR-15 rifle as door prizes at fundraiser.
A 22-year-old Dutch tourist, who claimed she had been raped while on holiday in Qatar, has been convicted of adultery along with her rapist.
A prisoner in MaComb County Jail, serving time for bank robbery, is suing because pornography is not allowed in the jail claims it is "cruel and unusual punishment" and "sexual and sensory deprivation".
Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un has launched his second matchmaking contest for his somewhat attractive sister, Kim Yo-jong. Any possible match must first meet his lengthy list of requirements, like at least 5'10 since Koreans have the smallest penises by average in the world.



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