Police Officer Handcuffs Woman After She Steals His Fries

A very desperate woman attempting to hit on a police officer by eating his french fries ended up getting herself arrested for second degree theft.

While a police officer sat in uniform on his break eating french fries, two intoxicated women continued to steal french fries from off the plate of the man, despite his repeated attempts to get them to stop touching his food.

This all went down while the police officer sat at the Italian Pizza Kitchen on U Street in Washington DC.

A woman allegedly sat down next to the police officer and tried to start a conversation, an MPD source told WUSA9. The source said she then reached down and took a French fry from off his plate as he was eating. The officer asked the woman to stop, but she proceeded to take another.

The police officer, growing more frustrated, told the woman to stop, warning her that she was engaging in theft and could be arrested. She proceeded to take yet another fry, so the officer questioned her, the source said.

According to the police report, property stolen is listed as “French fried potato.” Quantity? “Three.” She was charged with second-degree theft.

The french fry thief had to have been a cougar. Why would I make such a brash judgement? Because this is one of those depraved ways that a cougar, acting out in desperation after striking out at the college bars, would hit on someone… even if that someone is a police officer in full uniform.

I find myself in that exact same mood too, especially when I am sober. Whenever I am sober, the LAST thing I want to see is a drunk cougar or 21-year-old birthday girl who has either been ditched by her friends or lost them.

Do I think the police officer went overboard by having them arrested? No. Do I think it’s hilarious and will make for a great addition to the woman’s criminal arrest record? Yes. Right above all the restraining orders and divorce proceedings.


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