Mom ‘Horrified’ After Family Kicked Out of Buffet For Eating Too Much

Tracy Clarenson took her son, Hayden, to his favorite place to eat for his seventh birthday. It was a local buffet. All of a sudden, an employee kicked the entire family out because Hayden was eating too many crab legs.

Hockey Referee Punches A Player, Trainer Brings The Justice

During a hockey brawl, a referee makes the mistake of punching a player and he gets laid out by the trainer of all people.

Student Defends Teacher After She’s Punched

After a female teacher gets punched by a student and the unexpected happens, and another student comes to her rescue.

Thousands of Facebook Users Check In To Standing Rock, Confusing Police Monitoring Pipeline Protest

It isn't clear whether the call originated with people at the North Dakota protest or if it's a hoax — but people are using it as a way of expressing solidarity all the same.

Thief Breaks Into Car, Stealing Only A Kit Kat Bar

After tweeting that his car was broken into and all that was stolen was a Kit Kat bar, a man got not only national attention but a replacement candy bar.

Meeting On Overcrowded Schools Attended By Few

Despite Charlottetown Rural's schools bursting at their seems, a meeting on the issue had plenty of room, but only about 90 people showed up.

Fart Sparks Fire During Surgery, Leaving Patient Seriously Burned

A patient's fart during a surgical procedure allegedly sparked a fire which caused her to be seriously burnt in the Tokyo Medical University Hospital.

Guy Awkwardly Interviews Girlfriend Who Cheated On Him

Some people are just too damn stupid to know what should be kept private and what should be openly discussed with the entire world. After...

If The Meat Industry Was Honest (Joke Advertisement)

If you like hamburgers, maybe don't watch this video. Majority of humans have had meat, but have you really thought what they're made of and...

Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition #2

Being President is a tough job. It’s one of the only jobs where you get a new approval rating every day. Now that we have...

Semi-naked man found dead on Spanish airport bench with deli meat on his buttocks,...

Police in Spain are investigating the bizarre death of a British man who was found semi-naked, bound to a bench outside of an airport...

The Embarrassing Reason Oasis Turned Down Trainspotting Soundtrack

Oasis turned down Trainspotting because they thought it was literally about trainspotting, and they didn't see themselves as train nerds.

French Court Rules Citizens Can Smile In Passport Photos

A senior civil servant in France launched a legal bid ‘to give the depressed nation a morale boost’ by allowing citizens to smile in their passport photos.

This California Law Could Change The Way You View Porn Forever

California’s San Fernando Valley is considered the porn capital of the world—but for how much longer?

Mispronouncing Another Students Name Now A MicroAgression

Overlooking the mispronunciation of a student’s name is a “microaggression” that can sabotage the learning process, according to the largest teachers union.



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