A missing surfer has been found after spending 32 hours out at sea. 22-year-old Matthew Bryce was found safe by the coastguard after going missing at 9am on Sunday.
The prime suspect in the case of the Serial Butt-Slapper has been arrested after slapping a 17-year-old female jogger and elderly woman's buttocks.
A beach goer Wednesday discovered mutilated human body parts that had washed up on the shore, right in front of the Olympic Beach Volleyball Arena on Rio's famed Copacabana beach.
The design which was created for the Trump/Pence campaign has already spiraled into countless memes, along with the Trump campaign removing any trail of it's design from their official website last evening.
If there is one thing that a lot of people have in common, it's the mutual hatred of the Dallas Cowboys. It was that hatred which saved a suicidal man.
In one evening, a man overdosed twice across a seven hour timespan on illegal narcotics, according to the Plainfield Police. He was revived with Narcan each time.
Welp. Pack up your things, burn down your house, and make a new plan that doesn’t involve living on Earth, because a rat big enough to eat your head was recently found in London. The animal was found dead near a...
After a homeless man was found beaten to death, Hailey Suder, a high school cheerleader has been arrested in connection to the death.
If you haven't heard of resting bitch face, them I am sure you have at least seen it. Actress Kristen Stewart is basically the poster girl for it, Queen Elizabeth has it, along with fashion designer Victoria Beckham. The definition...
Talk about making the best of a bad situation. Rather than talking about how much of a danger the many potholes which plague Michigan streets and highways, they are instead talking about how great of an opportunity it presents...
A 17-year-old boy who was presumed to be dead in India woke up on route to his own funeral after contracting an infection from a dog bite.
A 22-year-old Dutch tourist, who claimed she had been raped while on holiday in Qatar, has been convicted of adultery along with her rapist.
Believed to be dead by members of his own unit, he was quickly delivered to the morgue where he was to be processed. But when an officer from the aid station took a closer look, he made an earth-shattering...
A Tampa man was killed by his cousin after wondering aloud whether his flak jacket still worked, prompting his cousin to fire a fatal round into him.
A senior civil servant in France launched a legal bid ‘to give the depressed nation a morale boost’ by allowing citizens to smile in their passport photos.



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