In one of the largest acts of false marketing, Verizon is forcing heavy data users to get off its unlimited plan or get off the carrier's network entirely, or otherwise settle for more expensive plans which don't have unlimited data.
You will either laugh hard or be stunned by this video of an obese woman being towed behind a truck with a tow rope in Kansas City because she's "too big".
A magician was left covered in his own blood after a trick went wrong on stage. Phil Knoxville, who mixes comedy and magic, bled heavily after part of his act went wrong during a performance at the Sileby Conservative Club.
After a Spanish Teenager had his phone confiscated by his mother, he resorted to suing her in court. Being grounded sucks, but is it worth going to court?
Pornhub has released the first ever porn for the visually impaired, dubbed "Described Video". Professional voice actors narrate and describe the details in vivid detail.
A doctor in Saudi Arabia has been arrested for flying the rainbow pride flag above his residence in Jeddah, according to local media outlets. The man reportedly had no idea that the flag represented the LGBT+ pride, and said...
Just when you thought fast food restaurants were serving healthier options with salads and wraps, McDonald's releases the mother of all fattening foods. The newest item on the menu at McDonald's in Japan is french fries covered in both white...
A Pennsylvania man owes his life to his sons chickens, whose cackling woke him up when his house caught fire from an electrical problem.
A mysterious, hidden planet that could be sitting on the edge of our solar system might be linked with periodic extinctions on Earth, according to a researcher.
The legislative agenda also includes a proposal to set fixed election dates and term limits for the Prime Minister. Jamaican lawmakers will debate a constitutional amendment that would replace Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II as head of state and make the island a republic.
The #restaurant whose owner has been jailed for the #manslaughter of a customer has sent an email to customers entitled 'our apology', which goes on to promote a new dessert range. Mohammed Zaman was jailed for six years in May...
Scientists found that atheism is at risk of dying off due to differing beliefs on the use of contraception. In other words, religious people are making more babies.
An Ohio man has killed his niece and severely injured her brother after he shot the pair in his home for making too much noise.
According to court records, photographs of children being sexually abused were downloaded thousands of times from a server which was under the control of the Federal Bureau of Investigation last year. The server, operated by the FBI for almost two...
Welp. Pack up your things, burn down your house, and make a new plan that doesn’t involve living on Earth, because a rat big enough to eat your head was recently found in London. The animal was found dead near a...



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