BIZARRE footage shows an obese disabled woman in a courtesy scooter being towed by a truck.

The disgustingly obese woman looks quite relaxed as she gets towed like a caravan behind a truck.

Obese Woman Gets Towed By A Truck In Kansas City

It may come as no surprise that this video was filmed in Kansas City. The hilarious video footage begins with the white pickup truck taking a slow turn to prevent any accidents due to the snow and ice on the road.

The pleasantly plump lady probably had some technical issues with her motorized wheelchair because of snow on the sidewalks and opted to hitch a ride.

Her outfit makes the video even more outrageous. Wearing a pair of mustard-leggings, the “big boned” obese woman has a calm expression on her face like this is nothing out of the ordinary for her. It clearly isn’t the first time she has been towed down a busy road like a camper trailer.

Only in America… Specifically Kansas City…



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