Mayura Dissanyake works by day as a gas station clerk at Fuel Depot, but by night he is a semi-professional mixed martial arts fighter with over 10-years-training and who has been the champion for five consecutive years in his native country of Sri Lanka.

While working behind the counter, he noticed that one of his co-workers was just returning from the bank and carrying a bank bag, which attracted the attention of the wrong people.

Just then, a black SUV which had been tailing his friend pulled up and two gangsters jumped out and began attacking his co-worker with the intent of stealing the bank bag in his hand.

Little did these gangsters know that they were going up against a mixed martial arts champion, who gave them quite the ass-whooping.

While the store’s surveillance cameras captured the epic robbery turned retreat, Dissanyake ran outside and kicked one of the robbers right in the face.

“The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face,” he said. “Then I punched the other guy.”

Using moves which he learned fighting in cage matches, Dissanyake gave the thugs such a scare that they made a retreat for the getaway car which was about to leave them both there. As the two thieves ran for their getaway car, Dissanyake landed a punch which knocked one of the crooks to the ground.

He then proceeded to continue kicking him until he was no longer moving at all, out of fear that he may have a gun or knife concealed.

The thief was arrested from the same spot that the thumping left him in on the pavement when the police arrived and apprehended 33-year-old Odell Mathis. The Houston Police Department has charged him with robbery with bodily injury.

The other robber and the getaway driver both got away, but those that frequent the Fuel Depot still are calling this a feel good story.

Of course, everyone feels good except Mathis.

Odell Mathis’s mugshot was not available because he could be wanted for other crimes and want to use his mug shot for some lineups before they reveal it to the public, according to KPRC Local 2 News, who requested the photo.

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