In the city of Leipzig, Germany there is a wise, all-knowing Koala Bear, who goes by the name of Koala Oobi-Ooobi and has drawn attention around the globe for his stunning ability to predict who will win football matches.

Koala Oobi-Ooobi Predicts Germany’s Soccer Matches

The animal prophet didn’t come close to the World Cup legend Paul the Octopus in this years football predictions.

After the Koala wasn’t able to correctly forecast who would be victorious in Germany’s matches against Ukraine and Poland, the “Australian consultant” has returned to the sidelines at the Leipzig zoo.

Watching Oobi-Ooobi make his renowned predictions is thrilling. He chooses between two eucalyptus branches which are presented to him in two separate glasses. One glass has the German flag on it while the other adorns the flag of their upcoming opponent. Whichever he chooses is how he casts his prophecy before the thousands of onlookers.

His vision into the future was obstructed by something in Germany’s last two matches. Perhaps the games were already fixed and Oobi-Ooobi can only correctly forecast games which have no unfair advantage?

Oobi-Ooobi Leaves Football Predictions Up To The Experts

“As a fair loser he is now leaving the predictions to others. He sees his strengths in eating eucalyptus,” a zoo spokesperson said Monday.

It is the latest failed attempt to match Germany’s Paul the Octopus, who achieved cult status by correctly predicting eight Germany matches at the 2010 World Cup.



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