A man spits on a bus driver and the driver then hauls the loony off the bus rather than take the abuse.

The bus driver then goes on to apologize to everyone on on the bus. Like it was an inconvenience to them.

For the record, the driver had every reason to grab the passenger and haul him off the bus. In most jurisdictions, spitting on someone is considered an assault since spit is a very efficient vector for infectious diseases.

The kind of person willing to spit is going to be the kind of person is not concerned or caring about giving an innocent bystander their Hepatitis C.

Here is a public servant who isn’t simply serving his community for the “paycheck”. It appears as though he actually wants to properly serve his community continually.

The bus driver stands up for himself and makes the loonie walk to wherever his destination may be. I’m no expert on holds, but it looks like that bus driver was pretty confident with the hold he had on that guy.

I love the lull after he’s spit on. That’s the bus driver considering actions that will be a proper measure for the aggression.

If a man spits on a bus driver, what do you think he should do?

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