Man In Prison After Tricking Women Into Sex

A man tricked numerous women into having sex with him after saying that before they could make their millions in the adult film industry, they had to audition with him.

A man who ‘tricked’ women’ into having sex with him by convincing them that they were auditioning for porn films will be rotting in prison for the next 10 years.

Mario Ambrose Antoine, 33, from Kansas was charged with rape, sodomy, and fraud after making a deal to plead guilty to one wire fraud count and was sentenced to 10 years behind bars.

He also is required to pay a fee to his victims for their services rendered. Before making the plea deal, he was facing up to 60 years in prison for his crimes.

Prosecutors said that Antoine invented online aliases which he used to make women believe he was a talent manager, videographer, and photographer, working for a fictitious company in the adult entertainment industry, the New York Post reports.

Mario Ambrose Antoine, who tricked women into sex by pretending to be a pornographer. Credit: Police Handout

Under aliases such as Playboy Asia and Playboy Worldwide, Antoine assured the women they’d be making $550,000 to $1.5 million after having them false contracts he drew up.

He recruited women by first contacting them through Facebook, under the alias of a woman named ‘Nikki’. Nikki would then tell them about all the money (tens of thousands of dollars) they could be earning by being an ‘adult model’ in videos which would be shown in private accounts in foreign countries.

Next, they would be invited over to his home, where he would tell them having sex with him was part of the audition process. He’d go on to show the women fake, but convincing-looking documents, including checks and IRS documents to prove how lucrative this ‘opportunity’ was.

Credit: Fox News 4

When victims began complaining about never receiving any payment, he would then begin blackmailing them and destroying their lives by sending the video footage to their employers and significant others.

Credit: Missouri Department of Corrections

According to the Kansas City Star, his crimes began back in 2011, when he contacted a woman and told her she could make $1,000 for each sex tape she made with him, they went on to produce several tapes. She never received payment. Then in 2015, Antoine allegedly told the woman she must pay $9,000 or have sex with him to stop him from distributing the tapes. She is believed to have had sex with him, to stop him releasing the videos.

He used videos and images of his first victim to target his second one, by telling her the woman in the footage had earned thousands of dollars after making just a few movies. He is alleged to have offered her $2000 to ‘audition’ with him.

Authorities believe there may be even more victims.

Source: New York Post & Kansas City Star

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