Man Attempts Time Travel, Crashes Challenger Through Building

A Florida man attempts time travel in his Dodge Challenger and ends up crashing through offices and walls.

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The state of Florida is home to some of the strangest news. While browsing any Florida newspaper, you may find a story about a meth lab in a Walmart parking lot, then the next story is about a traveling through “time” (read: walls) with a Dodge Challenger.

Attempt At Time Travel Gets Stranger…

While an attempt at time travel sounds like the strangest part of the car crash, it isn’t. It’s that the guy, whose identity has yet to be released, was too lazy to go build a time machine, so he settled on using a car for his failed attempt.

Didn’t he ever think this through? He will stick out like a sore thumb if he travels back in time to the year 1810 in his new, flashy Dodge Challenger. He should have settled on a horse or if he has the cash, a stage coach.

Unluckily for the driver, he wasn’t able to find out the answer to that question. Wear ABC 3 reports that the only traveling his Dodge Challenger did was through a few offices, forcing three businesses to move locations after the heroic attempt at time travel.

[ Wear ABC 3 / YouTube ]

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