Kim Jong-un Holds Matchmaking Contest For Sister Kim Yo-jong

Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un has launched his second matchmaking contest for his somewhat attractive sister, Kim Yo-jong

Dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un is launching yet another competition to find a worthy husband for his unwed sister, Kim Yo-jong.

Miss Yo-jong was recently elected as a member of the influential Central Committee in North Korea and is 22-years-old. The height requirement has to combat Korea having the smallest penis size average in the world.

To be considered an eligible suitor to his sister, all candidates must:

  1. Have graduated from Pyongyang’s Kim Il-Sung University or currently be enrolled there.
  2. Be at least 5’10 tall
  3. Based on the height requirement, “cannot have a tiny penis like the rest of Koreans”, who have on average the smallest penis’s in the world, coming in around 3.2 inches average among Koreans.
  4. Have severed in the North Korean army.

According to The Sun, this isn’t the first time that Kim Jong-un has searched for a proper mate for his sister. He held a similar contest in 2012, but none of the men could meet Kim Jong-un’s high and long expectations.

His sister, Kim Yo-jong was elected to the high office at the 7th congress, which was a position which hadn’t been held in 36 years.

South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo shared that Miss Yo-jong is in charge of all propaganda, promotions, and appointments for the 33-year-old dictator.

Yo-jong also played a major role in the forming of a friendship between her brother and Dennis Rodman, the American basketball player who has since made two visits to Pyongyang and is remembered for dying his hair crazy colors while playing for the Chicago Bulls and has for long been suspected of being gay or bisexual.

A little bit more on Dennis Rodman…

From crazy hairstyles, to dressing in drag, Rodman has never lived by the book. Most of the time, it’s been this outlandish behavior that’s gotten him into trouble. In 2014, the trend continues!

Why aren’t they making this a big media spectacle? This could be like The Bachelor except for North Koreans.


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