You can say what you want about people who resort to violence to end a situation calmly. They are the only videos I have found on the internet that show human camaraderie and they are the reason I love watching them.

Handicapped Hero Helps Stop An Armed Robbery

The young man is a complete hero. Jumping in to help the bus driver takes giant balls out of any man, and for someone to help out who has cerebral palsy which limits him physically to jump into action to help his fellow man is heroism at its finest.

Handicapped Hero Stops Armed Robber Video Translation:

[Robber walks into the bus @ 0:07]
Robber : Let’s see here
[Driver closes the door]
Robber : Open the door! Open the door!
[Driver and Robber start fighting]
Driver : Open the door!
[Beto opens the door and both the robber and the driver fall down]
Driver : (While hurrying towards the bus) Ok now close the door! Hurry up and close the door! Close it! Close it Beto!

(At this point he’s kicking the robber, while Beto struggles to close the door)

Beto close it! Close it bro!
[Driver backs off and lets Beto resume the face-kicking while he closes the door. The robber backs off and the door is finally closed]
Driver : Let’s get the fuck out of here!
[From 1:20 to 1:23 it’s pretty hard to understand]
Driver : F**k yeah, Beto!

[Cue sick-ass high five]

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