Guy Opens Chocolate Candy Bar And Finds Dead Cockroach

After tearing open an M&M’s chocolate candy bar, a man was left disgusted and appalled when he discovered a dead cockroach (which I think we can agree is preferable to a live one) embedded in his candy bar.

This news is especially devastating for me, since I didn’t even know that M&M’s made chocolate bars… and I love me some M&M’s.

Kyle Rosewarne, a resident of Melbourne and I presume a candy aficionado, was already four bites into the crispy mint chocolate candy bar when he made the gruesome discovery.

You don’t need to see this in real life to be disgusted. The photo’s do it plenty of justice:

M&M Mint Chocolate Candy Bar With Cockroach Inside
The M&M Mint Chocolate Candy Bar which was discovered to have a cockraoch inside of it. Credit: Facebook/Kyle Rosewarne

Kyle is the resilient type. After making several attempts to get a response from the manufacturer, he did what every grown adult would do in his situation… post it to social media. That’s when he started getting some serious press coverage, which worked to his advantage… assuming he still has an appetite for chocolate bars.

Mars Chocolate Australia finally replied to him with a peace offering, but as reported by the Daily Mail, a presumably still-hungry Kyle was left unimpressed.

In his words:

“They offered me a $20-30 Coles or Woolworths voucher. It’s not only a health problem, it is a serious ecological concern as well. They’re making these in China, so this is more than likely a Chinese cockroach, which could cause serious problems if this isn’t the only one.”

I’m not sure why someone would prefer to find a dead Australian cockroach over a Chinese one in their candy bar (maybe he’s racist – just kidding… calm down) but perhaps he is worried that this isn’t an isolated incident. Imagine if dozens to even thousands of cockroaches are descending upon the manufacturing line to munch on some chocolate and instead  and ending up embedded inside that treat.

DPA Germany American Cockroach
Image Credit: PA

So did this cockroach act alone, or are there other saboteurs embedded in M&M candy bars around the world? One can only wonder how many people have ate the mint chocolate without detecting the distinct taste of cockroach?

The manufacturer (of course) refuted Kyle’s claims, saying that each candy bar goes through the arbitrary-sounding number of 31 quality checks before being packaged, shipped, and consumed by sheep like us. I smell a conspiracy on our hands… or in our hands in this case.

“If it went in after I ate the initial four pieces then when I went to have more, don’t you think it would have crawled out as soon as I picked it up?” he said. “Why would the thing be dead then?”

Indeed… what then, Kyle. What then.

Just a few months ago in March, a family discovered a deep-fried lizard in their french fries… with the same thing happening to a toddler eating at a Burger King Halifax all the way back in 2000. When are the people going to take a stand!

At the end of the day, one question remains. What would you rather discover in your candy bar, a dead cockroach or lizard? I’d go with a lizard, since cockroaches blend into the chocolate covering and would be harder to spot before chomping down.

Regardless of the disgust I feel over the photo, I still will be going on a quest to find said crunchy mint M&M chocolate bars. Even if it has a few dead critters in it, I’ll still be a happy earthling. That’s how much I love M&M’s and that, my friends, is a happy ending for you.
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kyle Rosewarne

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