Guy Awkwardly Interviews Girlfriend Who Cheated On Him

Some people are just too damn stupid to know what should be kept private and what should be openly discussed with the entire world.

After these two lovebirds get married and then subsequently divorced within a period of six years, he will look back on this video and cringe harder than both of us combined.

As YouTube creator “overboardhumor” shared with his subscribers in the description to his extremely awkward video which doesn’t seem to accomplish anything but make everyone (audience included) feel awkward:

I have fully forgiven Ashley my girlfriend, and I would appreciate it if you guys could too. With the loss of her dad and post postpartum depression she made some mistakes and I think she deserves a second chance. It took a lot of bravery for her to come on here and I hope you guys can appreciate her for that. Thanks again for watching. Next video is October 7th see you then 🙂

One of the youtube comment says it best: have some self respect man. Based on those who follow his channel, it has tanked ever since the drama with his baby mama started.

Here is how one of his YouTube channel subscribers put it:

I just checked the other day and his entire channel is now depressing vlogs about how his girlfriend abused him and went to jail, then cheated on him, then how he abused his girlfriend, then some stuff about his mom having mental health issues, and then him getting back together with his girlfriend. The views for each video have dropped from around 2 million to 20,000.

It’s obvious to us that this girl doesn’t care about the guy, and she shifts the blame to her “depression”, instead of owning up and apologizing. But to him, he thinks she made a mistake and will never do it again. It’s possible to forgive someone and continue in a relationship after cheating, but some people don’t deserve that chance. She seems to fall into that undeserving category.

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