Pornhub Launches Described Video: Porn For Visually Impaired

Pornhub has released the first ever porn for the visually impaired, dubbed "Described Video". Professional voice actors narrate and describe the details in vivid detail.

Trump’s Black Clergy Endorsement Event Fails

Donald Trump’s campaign announced last week that at least 100 black ministers and religious leaders would endorse him today for president. But last night, he abruptly cancelled that press conference, the Associated Press reports. The sudden cancellation comes after several invited ministers said they were...

New Zealand Man Uses Electric Fence To Jump-Start His Heart

New Zealand Man Uses Electric Fence To Jump-Start His Heart
A retiree used an electric fence to jumpstart his heart with 8,000 volts after leaving the local Emergency Room frustrated from waiting so long.

Couple Calls Police Claiming Their Cat Is Holding Them Hostage

A Wisconsin couple called 911 saying that their cat had taken them hostage in their own home and had gone crazy, attacking the husband.

Greek Coastguard Appears To Sink Refugee Boat

Footage obtained by Middle East Eye appears to show a member of the Greek coastguard piercing a rubber dinghy packed with up to 30 refugees, causing it to sink.

Man Sets World Record For Most Candles Extinguished By Farting

Do you feel that you’re living your best life and being all that you can be? Do you express your personality via “wacky” ties and have swell plans for the upcoming weekend? Well, I’m here to tell you to try a little harder, because...

Study On Butter, Funded By Butter Industry, Finds Butter Is Unhealthy

Last month, something unusual happened in the food industry. The Danish Dairy Research Foundation, likely in hopes of boosting #butter's regard, funded a #study about the popular lipid. But when the research was delivered, it didn't exactly paint butter in a favourable light. The study's findings,...

Ant Simulator Game Canceled after funding was spent on Hookers and Booze

After the money raised during a crowdfunding campaign to create "Ant Simulator" was spent on booze and strippers, the project had to be cancelled by it's main developer. Eric Tereshinski announced the cancellation of his game and his resignation after he learned that his business partners had...

$160,000 Worth of Cheese Stolen In Wisconsin

The Cheese State, Wisconsin, has had $160,000 stolen in two separate incidences. Police in Germantown, WI are looking for the thieves who have stolen more than $70,000 worth of cheese. $70,000 was stolen in the most recent heist when it was discovered that a trailer...

Rich Girl Learns Why You Don’t Mouth Off To The Judge

Rich Diva Gets Taught A Lesson By The Judgevideo
A rich girl mouths off to the judge when asked how jewelry she owns, then is rude again when dismissed. She ends up paying big time for her attitude!

Michigan Boasts Potholes Make It The Best Place To Test Driverless Cars

Talk about making the best of a bad situation. Rather than talking about how much of a danger the many potholes which plague Michigan streets and highways, they are instead talking about how great of an opportunity it presents for companies looking to test...

Man Saved From Fire By Son’s Cackling Chickens

A Pennsylvania man owes his life to his sons chickens, whose cackling woke him up when his house caught fire from an electrical problem.

This New Work Environment Amazon Is Providing Will Change Everything!

These greenhouses and treehouses are for both cultivating nature and employees' moods, but how well will they work out? These greenhouses and treehouses are for both cultivating nature and employees' moods, but how well will they work out? A is hard at work on offering its...

Angel Locals Thought Fell From Sky Is Actually A Sex Doll

A fisherman found what he believed to be an angel which had washed ashore and people flocked to his home to view it as word quickly spread. Then the police determined it was actually a sex toy.

Thousands in fear of Chesapeake Bay Bridge use service

One niche business is making over $118,000 per year just driving people who are scared to drive across a 4 mile stretch of bridge in Maryland, charging riders $25 per trip.



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