Japanese Pole Vaulter’s Olympic Dream Crushed By His Own Penis

Hiroki Ogita is the first man to ever wish for an even smaller sized penis after it caused him a spot in the men's Pole Vaulting finals of the Rio Olympics.

Does Donald Trump Have Dementia? It’s hereditary and the signs are there…

Learn whether or not Donald Trump has dementia, based on a breakdown of his behavior, hereditary traits, and all the garbage he has said to the public through Twitter and his own vocal chords.

Man Arrested After Hulking Out In A Bank

A man in South Carolina was arrested on Thursday morning, after attempting to Hulk out in a Wells Fargo bank. Was it drugs or just a bad temper? We will never know...

Burglar escapes the cops by hiding in an alligator’s mouth, unsuccessfully

Tip to all aspiring burglars out there: when you are running from the police you will want to avoid hiding anywhere that has creatures who love the taste of human flesh. That includes guys high on bath salts in the South as well. An alleged...

Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition #2

Being President is a tough job. It’s one of the only jobs where you get a new approval rating every day. Now that we have this thing called social media, the President gets hundreds of judgments every hour of every day, many of them unpleasant. For...

Canadian Immigration Website Crashes Night of Election

As the results of the U.S. presidential election pour in, Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website crashed as visitors attempted to load it.

Tuna Vs Seagull

The usual diet for a tuna fish is usually small fish. Perhaps that occasional crab and sometimes they might even treat themselves to a puffer fish. But seagulls aren’t really part of a balanced diet and they’re not usually on the menu for tuna. Still, that didn’t...

If The Meat Industry Was Honest (Joke Advertisement)

If you like hamburgers, maybe don't watch this video. Majority of humans have had meat, but have you really thought what they're made of and how they're made? Check out more videos here ! http://funnynewsfix.com/video/

A Glimpse Inside Pablo Escobar’s Estate: Zoo Animals and Dinosaurs

Pablo Escobar was once ranked on the Forbes Top 100, with an estimated net worth of more than $30 billion, all built on his cocaine empire. For a boy who came up from nothing to a king, he sure knew how to spend his...

Arrogant Kid Pushes His Luck With Courtroom Guards, Don’t Be That Guy

After showing up at the courthouse to contest a minor traffic citation, this 21-year-old idiot thought he was above the law. Luckily, he was jolted back to reality.

Mom ‘Horrified’ After Family Kicked Out of Buffet For Eating Too Much

Tracy Clarenson took her son, Hayden, to his favorite place to eat for his seventh birthday. It was a local buffet. All of a sudden, an employee kicked the entire family out because Hayden was eating too many crab legs.

Morgan Freeman Is A GPS Navigation Voice on Waze App

Driving just got a little bit more awesome now that Morgan Freeman has agreed to provide his voice for Google's Hand's Free navigation app called Waze. Morgan Freeman's voice has been with us through numerous films where he has played such roles as President of...

HIV Positive Doctor Injects Charlie Sheen’s Blood In Unsuccessful Attempt

Charlie Sheen recently travelled to Mexico to receive controversial HIV treatment, only to come home empty-handed. The Two and a Half Men actor revealed in an interview with The Dr. Oz Show on Tuesday that he had left the US for unsuccessful medical treatment by...

Fart Sparks Fire During Surgery, Leaving Patient Seriously Burned

A patient's fart during a surgical procedure allegedly sparked a fire which caused her to be seriously burnt in the Tokyo Medical University Hospital.

Mass Terror Erupts In France During Candlelight Vigil

A Paris Prayer Vigil Turns Into Stampede After Fireworks Go Offvideo
People attending a candlelight vigil in France to remember those killed and injured during the terror attacks by Daesh Terror Group. France24 is reporting that it was a false alarm and could have been caused by someone lighting firecrackers. A pretty lame stunt if true. One...



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