Dutch Tourist Convicted of Adultery After Being Raped In Qatar

The Dutch tourist claims she was drugged and raped, but her alleged rapist claims that it was all consensual sex and that she had asked for money afterwards.

While traveling for business in , a 22-year-old claimed she had been raped. Rather than going after the rapists, she has been convicted of adultery.

Also noteworthy is that the 2020 World Cup is scheduled to be held in Qatar. This is just one example of the major threat to women wanting to attend the major international sporting event.

The rape victim was not present for her scheduled Monday hearing in a Doha court, where she was convicted of adultery and given a one-year suspended sentence and fined 3,000 Qatari riyals… or the equivalent of $797 dollars or £564.

Her punishment has been modified, and is next to her time served so far, abolishment from Qatar, which is a much lighter punishment than the received. The true issue is that she shouldn’t have ever been punished for being the victim of a violent crime.


Qatar is a country with much different traditions than the values held in the west. That’s why punishments include lashings and other medieval forms of torture. Some say she should have known better, having traveled to Qatar many times before and as a convert to Islam. Muslim laws are absurdly strict, especially in regard to and for guests in their country.

Brian Lokollo, the lawyer for the , said she was on (other reports say she was there for business) with a friend and went out for drinks at a hotel bar in the Qatari capital. That’s where Lokollo said she believes someone “messed with her drink” and her memory became vague and foggy of the night.

She later awoke alone in an apartment she didn’t recognize and had never been in before, lying on the floor with her clothing torn open. That is when she “realised to her great horror, that she had been raped”.

Dutch media quoted her attorney, Brian Lokollo as saying:

“She was arrested in March on suspicion of adultery, which means having sex outside marriage.”

The female victim insists she was not guilty of the accusation made against her by the Qatar government.

The rapist was found guilty and has been sentenced to receive 100 lashes for adultery and 40 lashes for the consumption of alcohol which is forbidden in Qatar.

The rapist claims that their night spent together was consensual and that the Dutch woman had even asked for money after.

It’s awfully suspicious that the woman woke up with her clothing torn and inside an apartment which she didn’t recognize at all. Imagine the terror that would be going through your mind.

A spokeswoman for the Dutch Foreign Ministry has said that the woman was released by Qatari officials after the hearing. Lets hope she flees the hell out of that barbaric, Chauvinistic Islamic hell hole and gets back on Dutch soil.

Why Are We Allies With Countries With The Same Laws As ISIS and Al Qaeda?

How can Middle Eastern countries are given the privilege of holding international sporting events when they have such barbaric laws which treat women like slaves and men like gods? How can we be allies with a country that follows Sharia law, the same legal framework which ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban use?

Sharia Law: Governing ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban … and our allies?

The United States respects Islam and the freedom of religion, but it needs to draw a line on their barbaric Sharia Law legal framework, where your hand is cut off for stealing, tongue for lying, and where women are not given the same basic rights as men.

Qatar Should Not Be Allowed To Host The 2020 World Cup.

Men and women in western countries should boycott vacationing in Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries which have little to no rights for women. Until date rape is seen as the horrible crime which it is, we need to stop pumping money into their economies with tourism.


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