Donald Trump Hands Angela Merkel A Fake £300bn Nato Invoice

President Trump estimated Germany’s debt owed to the United Nations over the last 12 years, with interest

Donald Trump made headlines after he gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel a invoice for £300 billion during a meeting between the two polarized politicians to discuss Nato contributions owed.

In 2014, Nato countries pledged to spend 2% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on defense, which is something that only a few countries do, with the UK, Greece, Poland, and Estonia being among them.

The £300 billion which the US is asking for is backdated to 2002, which was the year that Mrs. Merkel’s predecessor, Gerhard Schröder, pledged to spend more on defense, according to the report published.

The large sum of money came after President Trump instructed aides to calculate how much Germany had failed to contribute based on their 2% pledge, over the last 12 years with interest added.

However, White House press secretary Sean Spicer has denied the allegations that President Trump gave Merkel a bill during their meeting, saying to Business Insider, “No, this is not true.”

Germany’s defense minister, Ursula Von der Leyen, said that the European nation does not have any outstanding financial debts to the United States or Nato. She released an official statement after President Trumps tweets to say that, “There is no debt account at Nato.”

“Defense spending also goes into UN peacekeeping missions, into our European missions and into our contribution to the fight against [Isis] terrorism.”

President Donald Trump has called out several Nato countries, Germany included, after the countries have fallen short of their agreed 2% GDP contribution towards Nato Defense spending, leaving the US to pick up the tab.

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