A victim of a carjacking told police that he had to teach the thief how to drive his manual Ford Mustang, then when that failed he had to drive.
Two russians got drunk together they had a contest and measured to see who had the bigger penis. The loser became enraged and cut off the winners penis.
What does a grown adult do when they learn their European Cognac can't be stored in their carry-on? Learn how much of a buffoon she makes of herself.
A New York man was stabbed by another at a Binghamton residence Saturday during an argument over chicken nuggets.
Sussex Police's tactic of texting offenders on the run asking them to hand themselves in is 'surprisingly effective'.
A SoCal High School is looking pretty stupid after misspelling school on the graduation book covers all students receive.
A Colorado babysitter brought the kids along with her for a bank robbery, which she claims was done to pay back restitution on the 30 counts of forgery and theft she had already been convicted of.
This fat woman goes on a rant about how she was "fat shamed" by the pilot and staff who were giving paid helicopter rides and had to inform her that she was too heavy to take a ride with other passengers.
Watch several minutes of the funniest, most painful, and craziest trampoline fails and wipeouts.We aren't even halfway through 2016 and already we have enough videos for a Trampoline Fails Compilation.
The city of Augsburg, Germany now has sidewalk signals which warn smartphone users when they’re about to walk into the path of a train. Do you think this is a waste of taxpayers' money?
Michael D. Hughes, age 19, wins the Darwin Award for criminals after hiding from the police in a Homeland Security building in Tennessee after fleeing cops.
While helping his aunt laying dirt outside her home, Wayne Propst of Tyler, TX uncovered fossils which he believes are from Noah's flood and a self-proclaimed fossil expert says he's right. “From Noah’s flood to my front yard, how much...
It took only a speed bump to send this drunk driver crashing into a building. As you can see in the video, the driver crashed through the cinder block wall of the building and left a heap of damage. Remember to...
The mayor of Indonesia's Tangerang city has reportedly made the claim that babies will become gay if they consume instant noodles and milk formula. "To create Indonesian children that are healthy smart and competitive, the most important thing is, from...
While trying to take the perfect selfie shot with his handgun, a 43-year-old Concrete, Washington man accidentally shot himself in the head. He had forgotten about the one bullet that remained in the chamber. Before you start laughing like a...



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