Three aspiring criminals try their hand at stealing cars but quickly learn that the highway isn't the best place to start after a driver refuses to stop.
When four thugs planned to jump and rob a pizza delivery person, they didn't expect it to be a 6'3" 250lb Ex-NFL lineman and US Senator they'd encounter!
A New York man was stabbed by another at a Binghamton residence Saturday during an argument over chicken nuggets.
It t'was the night before a relatively uneventful day and night, when a food stall market operator decided that selling penis-shaped waffle sausages would be a big hit among the tourists and locals who all attend the yearly street...
Sussex Police's tactic of texting offenders on the run asking them to hand themselves in is 'surprisingly effective'.
A convicted bank robber created a GoFundMe page last month, asking crowdfunding members to help a "single father of three."
Losing sucks enough, you don't need to add anything else on to the embarrassment. The common sports phrase, "It's not over 'til it's over," should have been recited by this basketball team a dozen times at halftime before they were...
Two men fell off a cliff in San Diego while playing the new smartphone game, Pokemon Go. Up in Anaheim, a player was stabbed by a group of men in a park and robbed.
Michael D. Hughes, age 19, wins the Darwin Award for criminals after hiding from the police in a Homeland Security building in Tennessee after fleeing cops.
A Colorado babysitter brought the kids along with her for a bank robbery, which she claims was done to pay back restitution on the 30 counts of forgery and theft she had already been convicted of.
Police are searching for a hardened criminal after he stole a penis pump from a Mildura sex shop. Looks like he was pretty desperate...
Watch what happens when some guys set a bait bike out in the middle of the hood without any lock on it to bring sweet justice to the thieves. This justice comes in the form of electric shocks delivered through...
In Miramar Beach a woman went on a shopping spree, sadly she neglected to ever pay for the clothing - totaling over $2,100 in designer clothing stolen on Friday. Police say that Brooke Amber Sutton, age 27, left behind some...
What does a grown adult do when they learn their European Cognac can't be stored in their carry-on? Learn how much of a buffoon she makes of herself.
This fat woman goes on a rant about how she was "fat shamed" by the pilot and staff who were giving paid helicopter rides and had to inform her that she was too heavy to take a ride with other passengers.



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