A Colorado babysitter brought the kids along with her for a bank robbery, which she claims was done to pay back restitution on the 30 counts of forgery and theft she had already been convicted of.
A woman can thank a hardworking custodian and Windex for bringing a stop to a handbag thieves hurried getaway into a glass window of a sliding door.
Watch two thugs began picking on a man passing with his girlfriend. Little did they know the guy was a trained boxer. Watch justice get served.
When four thugs planned to jump and rob a pizza delivery person, they didn't expect it to be a 6'3" 250lb Ex-NFL lineman and US Senator they'd encounter!
Paul Gaston was noticed to be clearly “under the influence of something” as he drove Wednesday down a busy avenue “hitting other things,” a woman told a 911 dispatcher. After he crashed his pickup into a utility pole, a second 911...
Surveillance cameras capture the amazing footage of employees and customers fighting off a would-be robber at a Marathon Gas Station in Toledo, Ohio.
A Tampa man was killed by his cousin after wondering aloud whether his flak jacket still worked, prompting his cousin to fire a fatal round into him.
Wayne State University has removed mathematics courses from the list of required classes. Math is only required if the major pursued makes them mandatory.
A poll organized by Public Policy Polling found out that an alarming number of Florida voters have the belief that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz may be the Zodiac Killer. 10% Surveyed Believe Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer With 62%...
Sussex Police's tactic of texting offenders on the run asking them to hand themselves in is 'surprisingly effective'.
Watch this handbag thief try to make a speedy getaway, only to be stopped cold by a sliding glass door. We thank you Windex for clean windows.
Donald "Chip" Pugh is suspected of arson and vandalism and apparently quite distraught over how terrible he looks in his mugshot. Chip texted police a photo of himself along with the text: "Here is a better photo that one is...
It took only a speed bump to send this drunk driver crashing into a building. As you can see in the video, the driver crashed through the cinder block wall of the building and left a heap of damage. Remember to...
It t'was the night before a relatively uneventful day and night, when a food stall market operator decided that selling penis-shaped waffle sausages would be a big hit among the tourists and locals who all attend the yearly street...



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