Watch two thugs began picking on a man passing with his girlfriend. Little did they know the guy was a trained boxer. Watch justice get served.
When four thugs planned to jump and rob a pizza delivery person, they didn't expect it to be a 6'3" 250lb Ex-NFL lineman and US Senator they'd encounter!
Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith who was justly killed by Milwaukee police, calls for
It t'was the night before a relatively uneventful day and night, when a food stall market operator decided that selling penis-shaped waffle sausages would be a big hit among the tourists and locals who all attend the yearly street...
Two russians got drunk together they had a contest and measured to see who had the bigger penis. The loser became enraged and cut off the winners penis.
A woman can thank a hardworking custodian and Windex for bringing a stop to a handbag thieves hurried getaway into a glass window of a sliding door.
A Tampa man was killed by his cousin after wondering aloud whether his flak jacket still worked, prompting his cousin to fire a fatal round into him.
Watch several minutes of the funniest, most painful, and craziest trampoline fails and wipeouts.We aren't even halfway through 2016 and already we have enough videos for a Trampoline Fails Compilation.
What does a grown adult do when they learn their European Cognac can't be stored in their carry-on? Learn how much of a buffoon she makes of herself.
I think that taking photos and videos of certain events is rather stupid and takes away from the importance of the moment... for example video recording a concert you're attending when you will likely never listen to it again...
A Montreal man is seeking to file a class action law suit against the makers of the energy drink Red Bull after he says it failed to "give him wings." Michael Atta says Red Bull has misled it's customers about...
A convicted bank robber created a GoFundMe page last month, asking crowdfunding members to help a "single father of three."
A poll organized by Public Policy Polling found out that an alarming number of Florida voters have the belief that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz may be the Zodiac Killer. 10% Surveyed Believe Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer With 62%...
After sharing a fine meal in the parking lot of Hardee's together, things got awfully hot and steamy for this couple. They were arrested after having sex in a Hardee's parking lot in broad daylight after a number of Kentuckians...
A 911 operator is accused of missing a call involving a man who fainted while he was ordering lunch and went into a seizure. Francis Francois, a Broward County emergency operator, was working that night and was busy placing lunch...



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