When four thugs planned to jump and rob a pizza delivery person, they didn't expect it to be a 6'3" 250lb Ex-NFL lineman and US Senator they'd encounter!
A Tampa man was killed by his cousin after wondering aloud whether his flak jacket still worked, prompting his cousin to fire a fatal round into him.
A woman can thank a hardworking custodian and Windex for bringing a stop to a handbag thieves hurried getaway into a glass window of a sliding door.
Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith who was justly killed by Milwaukee police, calls for
Police are searching for a hardened criminal after he stole a penis pump from a Mildura sex shop. Looks like he was pretty desperate...
This dumb criminal swallowed a gold chain when attempting to evade the police. An X-Ray confirmed it's location and a steady diet of banana's brought it back out to it's rightful owner.
Two men fell off a cliff in San Diego while playing the new smartphone game, Pokemon Go. Up in Anaheim, a player was stabbed by a group of men in a park and robbed.
These people all made the bad decision of fighting the law, and in every case the law won by body slamming the criminals to the ground.
Surveillance cameras capture the amazing footage of employees and customers fighting off a would-be robber at a Marathon Gas Station in Toledo, Ohio.
Watch this handbag thief try to make a speedy getaway, only to be stopped cold by a sliding glass door. We thank you Windex for clean windows.
Three aspiring criminals try their hand at stealing cars but quickly learn that the highway isn't the best place to start after a driver refuses to stop.
A convicted bank robber created a GoFundMe page last month, asking crowdfunding members to help a "single father of three."
Wayne State University has removed mathematics courses from the list of required classes. Math is only required if the major pursued makes them mandatory.
Just minutes after Dominiq Greer announced a $15 million lawsuit against the city of Chicago for Excessive Force after being shot by the police, Dominiq Greer was taken into custody on a murder warrant.
Watch two thugs began picking on a man passing with his girlfriend. Little did they know the guy was a trained boxer. Watch justice get served.



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