Cop Talks Suicidal Man Down Over Hatred of Dallas Cowboys

It was the mutual hatred of the Dallas Cowboys between a police officer and suicidal man on the ledge of a bridge which saved his life

Hatred of Dallas Cowboys Talked Suicidal Man Down From Bridge Ledge

If there is one thing that a lot of people have in common, it’s the hatred for the Dallas Cowboys.

So when a police officer in South Carolina encountered a man prepared to jump off of a bridge, it was their mutual hatred of the Dallas Cowboys that got the dialogue going to save the suicidal man’s life.

As reported by CSNmidatlantic:

“The police officers were discussing the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry and his hatred of Dallas helped save a man’s life”

It was the conversation between the police officer and man which led to them discussing their mutually love for the Washington Redskins.

When the officer got to talking about how much he despises the Cowboys, it formed a bond between the two men which comforted the man before the police got him off of the ledge.

Moral of the story? You never know when your hatred of the Dallas Cowboys will come in handy.

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