Tip to all aspiring burglars out there: when you are running from the police you will want to avoid hiding anywhere that has creatures who love the taste of human flesh. That includes guys high on bath salts in the South as well.

An alleged burglar died after attempting to escape police by swimming into a pond, and then directly into the mouth of a hungry alligator.

Matthew Riggins was robbing homes around Barefoot Bay, Florida, in mid-November. After spotting Riggins and an accomplice wandering around back yards dressed in black, neighbors called the police. Riggins reportedly called his girlfriend saying that he’d by “lying low” for a bit. By nightfall, cops called off the manhunt, empty-handed.

The next day, Riggins’s family reported him missing.

Over a week later, his body was found in a pond, the apparent victim of a gator attack. While recovering his body, authorities met the same gator, and killed it. The medical examiner found some of Riggins’s remains inside its stomach.

Riggins’s alleged accomplice has not been charged.

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