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A man tricked women into having sex with him, saying that before they could make their millions in the adult film industry, they had to audition with him.
A Melbourne man opened his crunchy mint M&M chocolate candy bar only to make a disgusting discovery - a dead cockroach (better than a live one).
A judge is considering the request to show his penis by Richard Patterson who claims the woman he's accused of killing choked during oral sex.
According to science, cheese is the key to living a long life. That means most of us are basically immortal now.
A missing surfer has been found after spending 32 hours out at sea. 22-year-old Matthew Bryce was found safe by the coastguard after going missing at 9am on Sunday.
The world's most chilled-out toddler laughed and waved to firefighters as they tried to rescue him from inside a locked car.
A guy took to Reddit to explain how he has been masturbating wrong his entire life. After you read his highly embarrassing story, you will be amazed.
Merriam-Webster announced a new word in its dictionary – sheeple, and they used Apple users as a reference to explain its hilarious meaning.
A retiree used an electric fence to jumpstart his heart with 8,000 volts after leaving the local Emergency Room frustrated from waiting so long.
A male high school student testified against his two (SMOKING HOT) high school teachers who he alleges had a threesome with him while he was 17-years-old.
Alex Jones, founder of, is in divorce court and his estranged ex-wife claims he is not fit to be a parent due to mental instability.
He couldn't believe it was butter, so he sued Dunkin' Donuts ... confirms that the case has been settled and the stores have changed their butter-serving protocol. A spokesman for the other franchisee could not be reached.
Matthew Perry, who played Bing on the long-running Friends series, recently told the tale of how he used to bully and beat up Trudeau they were classmates.
Tyrannosaurs had sensitive snouts that they may have enjoyed rubbing together while mating, scientists say.
Police on Tuesday arrested a trucker they say drove nonstop from Seattle to Massachusetts fueled by crystal meth, LSD and cocaine.