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Watch as this extremely arrogant kid continues to push his luck with a courtroom bailiff by sticking a camera in his face, claiming the U.S. has no authority over him, then trying to enter the courtroom with his camera still rolling… until both Peterson and his camera got a jolt of energy from the bailiffs taser.

Robert Peterson, the obnoxious punk shown in the video, was trying to bring his video camera into the courtroom where he was contesting a minor traffic ticket. After the bailiff told him he couldn’t bring his camera inside, Peterson told him to step aside and let him go through with the video camera still rolling.

That’s when things escalated. The bailiff, P. Barnes, acts like he has had countless issues like this in his life with how calm he was, but as ABC News reports, it was his first time having to draw his taser.

Peterson is part of a growing trend of people who think they can reject U.S. laws, claiming that the United States has no authority over him.

I don’t know if he thinks he’s a reporter or what, but P. Barnes did a phenomenal job of giving him a “jolt” back to reality.

Lets hope this trend of people thinking they’re “above the law” and that it’s appropriate to harass the police comes to an abrupt end.

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